Center for Clinical Environmental Medicine

Clinical Environmental Medicine

Environmental medicine, in general, deals with the diagnosis, therapy, and prevention of health issues that can be caused by environmental exposures. Both acute and chronic conditions are examined and treated within this field. A significant role is played by educating individuals about the connections between environmental exposures and health, as well as identifying and reducing risk factors. Environmental medicine is interdisciplinary and encompasses various fields such as toxicology, epidemiology, hygiene, and environmental engineering. 

Clinical environmental medicine, on the other hand, focuses on the medical care of individuals with health complaints and medical findings that can be attributed to environmental factors. The European Academy for Environmental Medicine (EUROPAEM) defines clinical environmental medicine as a specialty that deals with the recognition, investigation, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of health disorders, as well as the recognition, investigation, assessment, and minimization of risks arising from the interaction between humans and their environment. The assessment of these risks must consider individual susceptibility and the specific characteristics of complex influences.

Primary prevention is thus the most effective basis of environmental medicine and supports both public health and policy.

There are numerous environmental factors and noxious agents that can potentially harm health. These include chemical substances such as asbestos, heavy metals, halogenated hydrocarbons, or pesticides. Physical influences such as noise, electromagnetic fields, or UV radiation can also cause health complaints. Biological agents such as grasses, pollen, mold fungi, Legionella, or pathogens transmitted by ticks (such as Borrelia, Babesia, and Rickettsia) can also lead to diseases. Early diagnosis and therapy are crucial in many cases for successful treatment.

The main areas of focus in clinical environmental medicine include:

  • Exposure assessment
  • Environmental impact assessment and diagnostics
  • Estimation of environmentally related health risks
  • Comparative risk analysis and assessment as well as risk communication
  • Care, counseling, and evaluation
  • Regulatory and administrative tasks
  • Development of scientific foundations for a health-promoting design of our environment

Source: Eis, D. (1996): Definition Environmental Medicine. Cited according to Wiesmüller et al. 2014. UHA 


Through systematic detoxification treatments, we have been able to significantly alleviate symptoms for numerous individuals. 

Initial Consultation


At the beginning of our collaboration, Dr. Trapp conducts a comprehensive anamnesis and information session as part of a clinical environmental medicine and homeopathic initial consultation with you. He takes a lot of time to analyze and understand the medical history and its backgrounds as detailed as possible. 

To ensure a relaxed atmosphere and to avoid delays, we kindly ask you to arrive on time and to allocate sufficient time. If you are unable to attend your appointment, please cancel at least 48 hours in advance. Only in this way can we release the appointment for another patient.

For the initial environmental medicine consultation, we will invoice you for the effort with €183.61 (item 30 GOÄ for homeopathic initial anamnesis and consultation taking into account naturopathic, homeopathic, and nutritional aspects with written documentation). The initial consultation usually lasts 1 – 1 1/2 hours. However, please note that regardless of your insurance status as a statutory or private insured person, reimbursement is not guaranteed as a matter of principle.

Before the anamnesis conversation, please download our information material and detailed questionnaires here. Please fill out the documents and send them to us, if possible, before your appointment.

If you already have medical reports, medical examination results, and laboratory findings, please send them to us in advance so that we can get an overview of your medical history before the initial examination. Also, bring any existing X-rays from the head area, any existing panoramic images, or a 3D image of the jaw with you (digital volume tomography with viewer data, no DICOM data). The recordings should not be older than 6 months. Please also send us your medical history and other findings and documents in advance so that we do not have to use your anamnesis time for extensive file studies. Based on this information and that initially obtained in the initial conversation, Dr. Trapp together with you determines the necessary examinations for you individually. Based on the resulting findings, a therapy regimen is then established.

Please note the following:

According to German medical professional regulations, doctors are prohibited from making a diagnosis by telephone or email for patients who are not known to them. For this reason, we cannot answer inquiries about medical problems from unknown patients by email or telephone. 

Please also note that naturopathic and holistic diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are generally not reimbursed by statutory or private health insurance companies. However, we recommend that you discuss this with your health insurance company. We also point out that our practice cannot bill statutory health insurance companies directly. If you are privately insured, we recommend that you inquire in advance with your insurance company about possible reimbursement.